Poet Kamal Parmar talks about her, poems and more!

I do not have the end of summer blues. Well, OK, maybe a aqua blue, but not a blue-blue. I will miss the kids when they head back to school. I will miss the on-the-go adventures that came over us in the afternoons. Heading to rivers, lakes, oceans and seeing friends.
Fall has it’s own rhythm and I enjoy it too. Lots of new projects coming up…. Word on the Street is around the corner and the new fall books get released. Heaven right there.

This summer I met a Nanaimo poet, named Kamal Parmar. I really enjoyed her words. She writes about her love of BC, The Prairies and her home of India. I liked how she had found all of her and put it into words. I am pleased that she did not stick to only Indian poems or poems of the Prairies and BC. I think the variety defines her. It is who she is and what she loves. That was very appealing to me and it was a joy to read her work.
I did a video interview with Kamal. We learn a lot about her past, how she started writing and more. I hope you enjoy it and the poem she reads. All about the end of summer.

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